Saturday, January 12, 2013

Places I Wanna Go

 I think the best job in the world is this; Traveling places to places without any limitations. Do you agree? Well, I hope. 
(The photos below are not mine so credits to the owner).
While I was thinking of any good subject for today, suddenly this bumps in my mind. Places I've been wanting to go, visiting attractions I've never been to, meeting new people, taking risks so as adventures, trying delicacies and enjoying life to the fullest. I know, I am not yet on the peak to reach things like this. But I know, someday I'm gonna see the world with my own naked eyes. A hard work is truly needed, perseverance and patience. Yes, you have to wait for the things to come. Chase your dreams and work hard for it because there is always a POSITIVE come out to what you've achieved.

I've been always dreaming of places I've never been to. In fact I loved them. My goal is really visit countries, any will do! Sometimes, my friend and I always talk about countries we wanna visit. We even made a list of it! Hahaha! Right, Sha? We're like super-partners-in-crime buddies. She's also my best friend so whenever we have spare time, we spend it daydreaming. With sense and class! ;) Our very top most is Brazil and Greece. We've been talking about it since high school, precisely, until now. 
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
Unlike any other countries, Brazil is a one heck abundant when it comes to beaches. I think their country is surrounded by beautiful beaches. Some are hidden, virgins and preserved.
So you can't blame me/us why we love Brazil so much! 
Zakynthos, Greece
Greece is like on of the majestic countries in the world!
It's a beautiful country no one could ever imagine. 
Wherever you look, you can see the clear blue sea
especially in Santorini.
Santorini, Greece

I really like views of the ocean. It's a calm feeling that
waters as free as anything! And it's a fact that I love nature.
Cinque Terre, Italy

A massive thank you the owners of the photo for letting me use theirs. 
So did you enjoy the views? Because I did! Opportunities are just around the corner, you just have to work hard on it by believing yourself that you CAN do it. I'm counting the hours/days/years that someday I might go there. 
So I shall see you then? :)

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