Friday, January 25, 2013

27th Visual Arts Competition

Last year, I was been able to participate the 26th Visual Competition courtesy of DPC-PLDT. I am so running happy earlier seeing this poster on the school's bulletin board, same as last year and I remembered the time when there were two of us from PWC who joined last year's. Fortunately, the Fine Arts student has been included to the top 20 finalists and I wasn't but 'twas okay because I was happy for her! Well moving on, this is another chance and opportunity for me to show my photos again in the public. This time, I want to purchase something I had been capturing using my Canon and I am so happy because Canon is involved to this competition. I think this year's photo contest would be more interesting because of the Theme: More Fun in the Philippines. This is probably exciting because there are more than 7, 107 reasons why it's more fun to be here in the Philippines, don't you think? I am inviting all the photo enthusiasts out there to join and experience this contest! Visit there site and read the full mechanics here.
See the Photos of Last Year's Winners (Read More)

by Ruel James Villamor from DLS-CSB
EYP PEOPLE'S CHOICE: "Twisted Faith"
by Ervin Mark Suerte from DLSU-Dasmarinas 
by Kevin Zerrudo from Hillside Academy
by Encar Sarah N. Lopez from Southville International School and Colleges
FIFTH PRIZE WINNER: "Patterns of Life"
by Claudette Diane Doroon from University of San Carlos - Cebu

The photos above are the WINNERS from last year's 26th Visual Arts Competition. The photos are so beautiful! It's really a winning piece. I mean all of them. If you want to see the photos, visit their website www.visualarts.ph and http://www.visualarts.ph/visualarts2012/entry. If you're wondering, yes my friends and I are gonna join this contest. Why not, right? There's no harm in trying. A piece of advice, enjoy what you're doing and don't steal photos from the other people! Explore the Philippines and have fun! Good luck xx



  1. Hello there! I'm planning to join this year's photo contest. I just wanna ask something. Is it imperative to go to DPC at Makati city once you are notified as one of the top 50 finalists?? What if you are at a different place like Mindanao??

  2. Hi! As far as I know, yes. But if your place is million miles away from Manila/Makati they'll send you email for confirmation. Please see the mechanics here http://www.visualarts.ph/visualarts2012/mechanics :) Thank you! God Bless :-)


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