Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Random Shots

 Dragon Fly
 I remembered taking this photo after a heavy rain.
 This has been my forever favorite shot! This was the 
time I was touring my grandfather and I saw this man
holding his very vintage camera and I fell in love with the
camera that's why I end up capturing this beau. 

I have been an all around photographer ever since I get to know more about photography and how it works. This time, I am so in love on working some shots! And especially, landscapes! Let me know if you're interesting, maybe we can work together! ;) 
No pressure. Let's just enjoy taking pictures! 

More of my shots here: eishellecellona.wordpress.com
You can also follow my Tumblr: photographsareforever.tumblr.com

P.S. I am sort of a newbie here on Blogspot but I already had my account long time ago. And now, it's time for me to explore more! 

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