Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dreaming of Polaroids

I've been addicted to Vintage Cameras lately! I mean, isn't it cool and stylish to have one? 
When I was in Manila, I went to some stores to browse on Cameras. One time, Team Manila in MOA sells one. Unfortunately, I had to think of it's way too expensive and the paper they use. 
By the help of Tumblr, I've been collecting many pictures of Vintage Cameras, Polaroids and some old stuff. Let me share with you some of it! 

Look how beautiful they are! If ever one person could give me just one of them
I would be the happiest girl ever! I am thinking of collecting
it but I don't know where to buy those cameras nowadays! 

Do you have any idea where to find/buy something like it in
a lesser price? 
Send me a message here:
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