Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Calm and High

Third day in Mati City: Overwhelmed
We woke up so late on that day that we can't
even remember what happened last night. Barely
remembered anything, it was insane! 
So we gotta hurry up 'coz we're going to the beach
to buy slippers and swim. By the afternoon,
we went back to Dahican Surf Resort because
Ate Neesha want to experience the waves in
Dahican! It was a quick swim though.

Aloha Boardsports
Roxy is always part of the sponsors 
for the Skim boarding competition held
in Amihan sa Dahican
Bottles from last Night. Hence, these are just half of it!
Key Tattoo of Ate Neesha
Supposedly, we are gonna attend the second
night party and watch the Bikini Abre.
But decided not to. Organizers were 
starting to put up some tarpaulins
of the sponsors and stuff like that.
While waiting for the driver (for hours)
bargained some Havaianas freebies (but 
sadly failed) and had some photos taken. 
Also bought two shirts and it was a perf!
 After a couple of hours waiting for the driver,
he finally arrived and quickly drive us going to Masao.
Masao is another Island far from Dahican where the sun sets
in paradise. It's on the right side and a 30 minute drive from 
Dahican. It's quite far but when you get there, it's haven.
We arrived there almost 6 in the afternoon but still had 
a chance to quick capture the sunset.
Cinco Masao Beach Resort
This is what I'm talking about. A calm beach
where you can relax and the best place to 
think and unwind! It's so magnificent and delicate 
and the beach is so virgin.
The best hour to be here is night! High tide 
with no waves at all. The water is so clear you can
even see under water even if it's already dark.
Fell in love quickly with the view
The NicaShaShelle
Ate Neesha and I had the same tops. So cute!
Trying to form "L-O-V-E" from us to you

It was quite an experience for us 5 (Nica, Neesha, Sha, Leo and I) to swim in that beautiful creation! I don't have anything to say except "Beautiful". At first, we weren't that expecting of so much but when we get there, the first word that comes out from our mouth is a big "WOW!" We are so excited to swim and to go down. There is so much more in the Philippines that hasn't been yet discovered with the many Travelers out there. Try to go out and see what the world has. It's never too late to try something new. 


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