Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Churos

Fortunately, we are so lucky to have long break on Wednesdays! We only have one subject for today and lucky to have a considerate professor! :) 
 Normally every after classes like long breaks or lunch, we are always headed to NCCC Mall Davao 'cause it's the only mall that's a walk or near to our school, but today we decided to go to Gaisano Mall of Davao just to spare our time and wait for the second session of our class. 

Shaa, Eish, Elinah, Eunice
Oh! Churros. It's a Spanish doughnut , fried-dough pastry and it's served with hot chocolate or white chocolate! So yummy! It's only available in Gaisano Mall. 
Navy Blue + Black

It's Eunice's birthday today, 10-10-12 and we had a surprise birthday party for her! Wait for more pictures, during and after! 

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