Thursday, October 18, 2012

Second Trimester

Hello there! I just missed blogging so much! Today is the second day of our Second Trimester: Prelims Exam. It's very hassle in every college student's lives. But we have to survive College! We just can't wait to finish the exams on Saturday, and after that we'll really rest and prepare for the Midterms. If you're wondering why WE are so advance, it's because our school is Trimestral. Philippine Women's College of Davao is the only school offering a Trimester which you may graduate in 3 years and 3 months. YES! It's true. You can click the link above. 

Here's something to blog about! 

My Permit. Every Prelims, it's always green.
While in Midterms, Yellow and every Finals, it's Red.
I was just so confuse why they didn't print out the
subject codes. It's a first time though! 

Permits are the most important one! You cannot take 
the exam/s if you don't have this. 
Instructor/s will put their signs on the paper.

I just bought a new refill for my GTec C4
It's a halfway filled.

MUST study and STOP Procrastinating! 
It's always like that. My notes are quite full.
The Green one (mini notebook) is the most used! 
It's my international notebook. Everything is in there! 
And I mean, EVERYTHING! It's so me.
I don't usually bring lots of notebooks nor books with me
whenever I go to school. I am such a good student! Mehehe! I'm kidding you ;) Dinadalaw lang ako ng tamad paminsan minsan so don't blame me! 

I am a BS in Tourism Management Student so when I went to
National bookstore to look for some notebooks,
I suddenly rushed to the selection of Binders. This is actually a binder notebook and I am lucky to find this one! 
Dirty Ice cream, tastier in the PHILIPPINES!
(Stradmore Notes)

Thanks to my two packs of highlighters from Staedtler! It's actually a gift
from my mom because I actually keep on buying 
lots of highlighters from bookstores.
I just get easily attracted to the colors! 
I am such a color fanatic. Believe it or not,
I have good taste on colors! 

Wish me luck for my upcoming exams until Saturday! 
Include me in your prayers and I really hope I won't 
forget the lessons I've been studying for quite some time.
I really need wisdom and guidance! Well, I know 
I can do it. I am so much aiming to be included
on the Deans List. I hope! (Crossed fingers*)

Thanks for reading! 

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