Monday, October 29, 2012

Havaianas Invades Dahican

Havaianas finally arrived in Dahican!
It's because Havaianas is part of the 3-day event.
Can you believe it, the price of their sleepers range
from 500 only and above, depending what 
design you want.
If you're gonna buy 3 pairs of Havaianas
you will get an Inflatable Thong which is a perf
for the beach! And yes, lucky us we had avail there
once in a blue moon discount.

Displayed Inflatable Thongs
You'll get one if you'll buy 3 pairs of Havaianas! And we got one ;)
Aren't they a cutie? :)
Smiles on our faces for having new pairs of Havaianas.
The Giant Inflatable Thong (Slipper)
This is the freebie they're giving if you had
to avail 3 pairs of slippers and you can choose
your own color too!
Thank you Havaianas for invading Dahican

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