Friday, October 5, 2012

Navy Blue Friday

It's 5th of October. Days are really fast approaching and I have mixed emotions about that. It's like, I don't wanna end this week yet but at the same time, I wanna. Weird! Thank God It's Friday! But the sad fact is, I still have Saturday classes. Today, we celebrated the World Teachers Day. It was a half day program so we didn't have class but we still have to come to school in our standard uniforms. 
Right after the program, I was with my friend Shareen Balani and we went to their salon. Finally! I had time to polish my nails.

Sorry for the face! Ha ha ;) 
Now we're talkin'! I just love my Navy Blue Nails! 
Inside their Salon, it has this very big and beautiful Dream Catcher! 
I suddenly fell in love with this.
While waiting for Shaa
It's really a hassle for me bringing my DSLR everyday! But I just can't help it. I am so in love on taking photos at the same time I wanna share my day with you. Hopefully, I will have my Digital Camera by next month. 
Anyway, this has been my Friday! Quite good but slightly miserable and still thankful that I had it! 

Thanks for reading my blog! Xoxo, E.
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