Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dream Catchers

I have been collecting dream catchers before! I just love the fact that it's so cool
and very static. I only have two of them because it's quite expensive to buy Dream Catchers
specially when you're looking for big and has a lot of details on it.
I have friends who are making Dream Catchers, and I mean, it's a hand 
on hand basis! YES! They are so talented in making those stuffs.
The two dream catchers I have is from them. The one is given for free
because he knew that I am so obsessed on it! 
 The big one hanged on my wall with the pictures I took.
It's like I have a mini photo gallery inside my room.
And every time my friends first see and go inside my room
they are like "OMG! You have the coolest room ever!"
Haha! It's very flattering though!  

The two Dream Catchers hanged inside my room.

This one is my favorite. It belongs to the salon of my friend.
I asked for this but unfortunately, I cannot have it. I think it's something 
of a lucky charm or sort of like that.
I'm trying to find something like this yet less expensive! 

I've seen lots of different dream catchers and I was quite amazed on what I've seen.
Never thought there were lots of them! Different sizes, colors and details.

The one I like the most are made up of Peacock Feathers. But it's very rare to find it here the city.
As you can see, I've been collecting pictures of Dream Catchers because I get easily attracted 
just by looking at them! I really wanna have collections of it.
Never get tired by looking at these beaus! 
This one is one of my "want-to-have" collection. Love the color combination
and the simple details too! 

Dream Catcher Tattoos! 
It always come to my mind to get one but I'm just way too scared 
how painful it is to let the needle gets to your skin! So this time, I'll just
see them by photos! Maybe it will hurt a less. Ha ha! 

Thanks for reading my blog! 


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