Saturday, October 20, 2012

Let's go to Dahican

I am just so happy that our exams has officially ended! It's such a big achievement for me and us students though it was so difficult. I mean some of the questions from the exams were extremely dangerous! YES! Dangerous. I wasn't expecting for that so as my classmates. But still, we had to finish every exams and proceed to Midterms
So much for that. Well, it's time to unwind and enjoy the no-class-for-PWC. Happy to know that we don't have classes starting next week, October 26th and then October 29th-31st. So we won't end October in school! Woohoo! And on November, we'll be back in school by 5th. So it's a looooong vacation for us students! Thank you! 

Everyone's on SEMBREAK. Except us! Because we 
already had it last month. We are way way too advance.
I know, it's cray!  
So since I'm blogging. My friends (NICA and SHAA)
and I decided to go to Mati, again. Since we don't have 
classes. And it'll be my second time to go back
to that beautiful place with the magnificent
beaches ever made! And I just can't wait to 
share this with you.

Since there's a long break for us Pinoys, I am 
inviting you all to join the Surf Party in Mati
this coming October 27-28, 2012
It's a 2-day event for all the adventurers 
or seeking for adventures, surfers, skim borders
or anything that deals with the beach, sand, party!


This is the poster for the event.
If you wanna try another sport or just to 
kill boredom in the City. Come and enjoy the waves
in Dahican! 
If you've never been to Mati or Dahican, you may
visit my other blog to see the pictures! 

It's really more FUN in the Philippines


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