Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Woke up did not know we'll be leaving Mati City by the afternoon.
It was a Sunny, great weather to spend time on the beach. It was early in the morning that we have to prepare because we are going to Masao. Supposedly, we'll be going home on the 30th but due to the schedule conflict, we had to leave so soon. We didn't expect it though. But despite from the unexpected plan, we DID enjoyed our day in Masao. We also went to Dahican for the last time to swim there, we stayed there for only 30 minutes.
Thank you Mr. Sun for showing. I knew it's gonna be a great and sunny day for the beach.
During the day, the beaches in Masao are very
low-tide. It's perfect for Photo shoots and
just to cool down, unwind and do nothing.
Upon entering the main resort, you will see
a statue of Mermaid. Even on the beach itself,
there's a half statue of Mermaid there. 
They actually have a big space to accommodate everyone.
Thank you for this car and for the driver. 
It's special for us
because without this and the driver, we won't 
be able to stroll
around Mati and able to go to beaches as 
cool as this! 
Ordered up some breakfast there.
It's simply beautiful and magnificent!
I'm telling you
Make this your next destination! 
If you wanna stay there for a night, there are
a lot of cottages available! You can choose
a cottage on the beach or with aircon. It's
a bit pricey but worth it!
Saw this man, swimming.
I am so sorry for my fats but I don't even care since we were like, only the people there! ;) Lol! 
We stayed in Masao for an hour or two. It was hot! 
After that, we went to Dahican. Our day was complete! 
We went home to prepare and pack up our stuff and 
we left Mati by the afternoon. 
The 5 of us really don't wanna end up the day but 
had to say farewell to that incredible place.
Another experience to keep and surely will be back
and create again a new memories! 
Upon entering and leaving Davao Oriental,
you will see this pink Welcome note.
Perhaps it has been one of the most memorable and amazing experience we've ever done with my friends. Though we've been in Mati twice. This has been different, good different that will surely each and everyone of us will never forget.
Met new friends and kept a lot of memories.
 I am sad to leave Mati, but to quote it; 
"It will not end, it's only the beginning of good journey."
A friend of mine said that to me during the travel.
Also very thankful to my friends and the Rabat family for the hospitality, accommodation, transportation and everything. Yes, everything. 

Our four day stay in Mati was another blast! The place has been so special. As what I'm always saying, this has been an amazing trip to keep. There's so much more to do in Mati. 



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