Friday, October 12, 2012

Songs for October

Try - P!nk 
I've been LSS-ing my self since yesterday night about this song! It's so pretty and catchy! 
And P!NK is such a great singer and composer. I just love the lyrics and the tunes! 
I can't stop singing it for crying out loud!  
 I just wanna share with you my 
new fave song for this month! Actually, I have 3 of them! 
Here it is! 

Battle Scars - Lupe Fiasco ft. Guy Sebastian

I've been searching the title of this song for quite some time
and lucky me, I found it just yesterday night! It's my second most fave for this month
and I cannot stop playing it all over and over again! 
Hence, I fell in love with the lyrics and the voice of Guy Sebastian
They made an excellent team up! 

Ready or Not - Bridgit Mendler 

I love everything about this Music Video! It's so girly and so teen-y! 
Bridgit is so pretty and the song is very catchy too! 
I love how the music goes and this has been my third fave song! 
I've been updating my Tumblr and put some songs to make it more interesting! 

You can see and follow my Tumblr here:

So this has been my so-latest-of-me! I listen to songs once in a 
while and I've been a fan of songs, old or pop! 
I hope you enjoyed my Top 3 New Favorite Songs for the month of October 
as much as I do! 




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