Monday, October 29, 2012

Neon Sun

On the first day, we all had to prepare all our stuff for 
the trip. Clothes, Slippers, Swimsuits, Money
and of course, a camera! So basically, I will
be posting the photos from top to end and I must say
Now moving on, let me tell a bit of what happened.

It was almost 3 in the afternoon when we left
Davao City. Actually, we are so excited that
 we thought it could be much earlier so we
went to Nica's house, almost lunch already.
We waited for 2 hours I guess before the car arrived.
During the trip, we are yet so lucky to catch
up the Sunset. I forgot what Municipality
this is.
My friend was freaking out (even us) to see
such a beautiful sunset. It's Neon! Can you
imagine how magnificent it is?
Well, here you go. Photos I and my friend
had taken using my Canon
We actually stopped off road to witness
the sunset. It's so fast like, fast fast
and we are like Whooa whooaa!

This is how beautiful the neon sunset we 
saw during the trip.

So we arrived in Mati, almost 7PM (something like that)
and when we got to the house, it's actually full moon.

I know what you're thinking. It's just like a light
but it's actually the full moon. Using my 
Ultrasonic Lens, you can really see the moon from
above but when you click it, this is the result.

I am so excited to share more photos about our trip (second trip) in Mati City, Davao Oriental! There's so much more to preach about and I hope you're excited too! YES, this has been our second trip to Mati. The first one was last summer 2012 and you can see the photos on my other blog here.

I know you're excited as much as I do so
STAY TUNED for more photos! :)

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