Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Quick Escapade

We have a couple of hours left to swim and enjoy the 
waves in Dahican. The sun is starting to set and thank God,
Ate Neesha arrived like 4PM. 
The people in Dahican are starting to arrange
the place for the Surf Party by night.

The Sun always sets in MASAO. Right side from Dahican.
While Sun always rises in Dahican. Unfortunately, I haven't captured a Sunrise. I am too lazy to get up early and go to Dahican. Boohoo! 
Anyway, you can see the moon and the waves are crashing.
The moon is so low by that time that's it's very
obvious from the photo.
Good thing I bought my Canon Ultrasonic Lens
and happy to capture the moon during the Sunset.
Left and Right views of the Island
It's so funny that we thought it's Derek Ramsay 
air gliding, but actually it's not him. Just unknown person.
Then there's Ate Neesha (middle) 
finally arrived, happy and welcomed.
Like I've been telling you, we have couple of
hours to swim so we grabbed that chance before 
the sun goes down. The waves are really scary.
There you have it. It's really deep.
Before we left the place, there's this group
of guys skim boarding in Dahican Surf Resort.
So I decided to take some pictures of them.
Our day hasn't ended yet. We went home to take a bath and change for the Surf Party in the same Resort. A party that will always be remembered. What happens in Mati, Stays in Mati. Can't wait to share it with you! Stay tuned for more.


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