Saturday, October 13, 2012

Food Trip Saturday

It's Saturday! It's bonding time with a friend of mine. Finally, after a long period of time
I had to see my old friend from High School and I missed her so much! 
And likewise, every time we see each other it's always a food-on-the-go! 
Today, we went to 2 Restaurants nearby and just in downtown.
Zabadani and Cafe France. 
Zabadani is a middle-eastern cuisine and is savory! 
Their food is very affordable at the same time very delicious! 
You can choose different mid-eastern cuisines
and take note, they serve the best smoothies! 

The place is located in Ponciano Reyes Street 
just around downtown and this is their first
and original place.

The other branch is in Gaisano Mall of Davao; The Peak.

The original place where Zabani first opened.

My friend ordered a beef dish and sad to say I totally forgot
the name of this dish. Some of their food names aren't easy to pronounce! 

This has been my dinner and it's called Chicken Filfil

Belgian Chocolate Smoothie

"Alhamdulillah" it's their WiFi's password! Hahaha! 

Mika Dublin and I. I just missed this girl! Been a long time! 

 And I met this very cute cat named "Ramadi". He's so friendly
and so fluffy for crying out loud! 

Cafe France is located at Rizal Street same building as Manila Bulletin.
It's also located in 
Gaisano Mall of Davao The Peak
Cafe France will open three more branches in the city. 
The two branches will be located at the upper
 ground floor and The Peak of Gaisano Mall. 
The third branch will be at SM Lanang. 

You may also visit their website for more details! 

So this has been my Saturday food trip madness! 
Looking forward for more! Thanks for reading my blog.


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