Monday, October 29, 2012

Half Day Happiness

To formally open our super day in Mati, we woke up
a bit early (for us) to prepare for the long day on the beach.
In the morning, we spent our breakfast just inside the
house and by the afternoon, we went to Dahican Surf Resort.

The plan was, we should fetch Sha's sister, Ate Neesha
in the Terminal but unfortunately, the time travel
pala if you're riding a bus is 4-5 hours from Davao City 
because of the bus stops and other stops.
We thought she rode a van to get to Mati as early as possible.
It's getting late in the afternoon so we had
decided to go to Dahican and we will wait for 
her in there.

While waiting for her to arrive, we saw some good friends
strolling around the Island! And I am the happiest 
person when I saw them. It was full packed of friends.
The pictures below were the happenings during our
second day stay in Mati. 
I'm gonna separate the 
Day event and the Night event.
Actually, there's so much more I'm telling you and 
I don't even know where to start! I wanna post all the pictures but sadly, I can't. 
So to cheer you up, let me share to you our
stress-free Saturday! 
Flip flops perfect for the sand in Mati! 
Well of course, our day won't be complete
if we won't have our dilemma which is the 
While waiting for the Driver, we let Leo
took the photos for us. He's the youngest
brother of Nica. Quite annoying, though.
Nica and I
Sha and I goofing around
Aren't they a beau? Such a perfect 
accessories to pair up with your
To Dahican Surf Resort
A view of Mensi 
First friend I automatically saw right after I
got down from the car! I totally ran and hugged her.
She's Aejae Tabamo, a good friend of mine.
She had competed for the Frisbee Game.
Right on time!
I really can't blame the wind.
2nd Friend we saw! Dennis Alias
with Nica Rabat
The one on black is Nica's friend.
Nica saw her too in Dahican with her
brother and friends. I'm not sure what's her name.
I'm with Dennis Alias
He's there for the YFC Conference for 2 days.
Lucky us, we saw him walking nearby.
Lots of people had a picture taking with him too! 
Me, Dennis and Sha
I actually took this while are in Dahican.
The crowd in Amihan is really great!
They are all busy watching the Skim boarding
Since we got bored waiting for Ate Neesha, we
went to Amihan to see the competition.
It was sizzling hot so we had to go to the 
kiosk in Amihan. 
Just beside Dahican Surf Resort is
Amihan sa Dahican
Going back to Dahican Surf Resort, I saw a 
girl playing with a thing and this actually is
my good shot. 
It was a perfect day after all to unwind and have fun.
Despite from the heat of the sun, I'm telling you,
the wind is crazy! It's really windy that you
have to bring your hair clip or anything to keep
you hair in place. 
Will post more pictures about Skim 
boarding after this! 

 Second day in Mati is different. Good different. We had to try different activities and there are a lot, I mean a lot of people from the last 3 days in Mati! We are very happy to see, know and experience such things. I am happy that we were part of the event in Mati. I mean, we had experience such welcome! It was awesome! 

More pictures, stay tuned! 


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